Guys, Guy I like is hot/cold, does he like me?

This guy I work with is hot and cold, and I need a man's perspective on it.

At first he would flirt with me at work, but he never asked me out. Three months went by, and I started to get annoyed that he never suggested we hang out after work. I invited him to a Halloween party to meet some of my single lady friends, but he looked annoyed and said, "I'm all set". I figured he didn't like me, and was just flirting with me at work. I asked him to not hang out in my room anymore. After that, he became cold towards me. A few months of him being cold/distant, I sent him a facebook message asking HIM out on a DATE! I suggested we go see a concert a few weeks ago. I sent him the message on a Sat, and no response. Tuesday at work, I ask him about it at lunch but he denies that he pays attention to facebook. LIAR! He read the message and is on facebook a lot. I was upset and unfriended him at that point. I gave him the silent treatment for a few days. Then got over it. He started to act friendly again at work, but it's still awkward! I'm over him, and upset over it. Any advice from the guys?
Any tips on how to deal with working with him, without it being awkward?


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  • Maybe he doesn't like being social with other people around, or he's nervous or he just wants you alone, strange activity on his behalf though, especially since YOU asked him out on a date, i've been raised to ask the question not the other way around