My girlfriend invited me to a party, but I hate parties?

So my girlfriend invited me to a party with her, but I hate parties 😭 I'm an awkward piece of shit at parties. Also, if I go, everyone will force us to be all up on each other ESPECIALLY if there is truth or dare. Someone please help me, give me a pep talk or something 😕

Party was really nice. I got my first kiss and it was really chill, got to cake up with my girl too 😌


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  • Go to the party, get some practice. This is devil advice to a 16-year old, but probably if you're partying, and it's kind of a high school thing, there's probably going to be some drinking involved these days. It helps if you have an alcoholic beverage or two if they're available.

    Don't mope around in the corner. Those kinds of social skills in settings where you're forced to interact will help everything later on. You'll have to do it in business a lot, with families, weddings, everything.

    Just put yourself out there. You can be a listener if you don't want to be much of a talker. Just kind of hovering around groups of people properly (not like weird guy) can make you kind of a part of the group.

    If it's more of a dancing kind of party instead of a very social one, dance with your girl. If it's kind of a formal setting and no alcohol for minors, just kind of try to interact with people a bit. You can actually just ask a lot of questions, just don't interrogate. Try putting your hand out there in those cases -- kind of think with the hand. Put leg in front of other leg, go up to someone, put hand out, and say, "Hi, I'm [...], nice to meet you."

    • Oh and if formal, firm, confident handshake. Think with the hand if that helps, no girly little gentle grip.

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    • It's okay, all your advice is very appreciated. 😊 I have been wanting to break out of my shell at parties

    • Party went really well. Definitely worth going

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  • It's okay, just tell her ahead of time you're nervous and you don't really like parties, tell her you'll go because of her however you don't want everyone riding your ass.

  • Okay look up some tips on Google on how to survive parties. Watch videos on YouTube too. There is bound to be some material out there.


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  • You need to go with her. Do you really want her to go alone?

    • All her friends will be there. I am not very comfortable with all of them like she is

    • Good time to get to know them. I know it's awkward meeting a bunch of people at once, but after you do it a few times it's not a big deal.

    • It went well man. Thanks for encouraging me