Is what I want from my girlfriend normal and reasonable?

My girlfriend and I are going through a tough time. I just wanted to see what other girls thought of my wants and expectations?

-say good morning and good night
-talk about her day and my own and listen to her
-a hug and kiss each time we meet, at least a hi and a smile would do.
-to hangout at least once a weekend (not every weekend but often)
-I like to use nicknames and emojis because it shows the other person you care
-for us to be able to talk about anything. her to be able to talk to me about anything (even her period if she wants and I will bring her some flowers or something sweet to show her I care) and for me to be able to talk about anything to her.
-spontaneous plans like maybe taking a romantic walk, or something.
-for her to make moves and advances and not wait for me to do it all.

I think that is all reasonable. I don't expect us to always be talking, but often. Is that all within reason?


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  • sounds about right!


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  • From what I read of that, I would say that is reasonable things. As long as it isn't completely rigid, I would say that is all perfectly fine. I dunno how I would think of nicknames (that's not for everyone).

    For instance, let's say she is having a bad day. You go up to see her to try and cheer her up. However, when you get there she doesn't really seem happy to see you. In fact, she could be just grumpy and not in the mood to smile or hug or say hi. It would be ridiculous in my opinion if you got mad at her like "Why are you not happy to see me?" because she didn't particuarly hug you or say hi etc.

    What I'm trying to say is that I imagine the things listed should be more natural than like a checklist or "rules." I dunno if I'm making any sense 😱

    • You are making sense and it's spot on! I just get so confused with what is ok for me to do and what isn't. And what she actually wants >.<! Thanks for the response it really helped!