Girls, From dating to sex to breakup to affectionate friendship - what does this girl want?

Present situation: I dated a girl for a month and had sex with her. She then asked us to stop dating, but keeps calling and asking me to do stuff and acting like a girlfriend but won't kiss me anymore or say anything affectionate. What is going on with her?

Backstory: This girl and I work for the same company and see each other daily. About a month and a half ago she initiated contact through a friend of hers who asked if I was single. We talked and eventually went out. The girl was quick to start being affectionate and we made out a lot on our first date. We went on numerous dates that first week and eventually slept together. I grew somewhat attached and did things to move us toward a relationship (small gifts, notes, talk about being a couple). She said she didn't want to be a couple yet because of a recent breakup with boyfriend of 4 years that she still talks to (and who still wants to make it work). She also is confused about her work situation and even is considering moving and staying single for a while (told me all this on the same night, before having sex later on). A week later, she says we moved too quickly and wants to stop dating. I say ok and back off. She immediately starts engaging me again (calls, texts, work IM). Yesterday she asks me to lunch (we go), then also asks me to dinner and a movie. We go out and hang and have fun. At end of night (in my truck), she asks me to give her a hug. She hugs me deeply for like 40 seconds. I try to kiss her and she doesn't respond. Says good night and leaves truck. Later says the kiss thing was no problem and not to worry about it. Continues contacting me, calling to check in, asking what I'm doing, flirting and making sometimes sexy jokes about us. What is going on? Is this going anywhere? Am I getting "friend-zoned" or becoming a "substitute boyfriend" for her ex whose lives in another country? Should I keep being friendly or try to move on?

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  • She's trying to keep you in her life by any means necessary. Don't go along with it because she isn't there to just be your friend make it easy on her do a clean break.

  • Well this is complicated!

    • Don't you want something new?

    • Sure. I'm still looking and talking with other girls. But I still have feelings for the girl in question.