Is it me or is it a common trend for Latina women on the internet to belittle and bash their men (Latino/Hispanic men) for relationships?

I'm starting to notice how Latina/Hispanic women (at least on the internet) seem to have little to nothing positive to say about Latino men and then put white men on pedestals. I have absolutely nothing against interracial dating or white men (many of my close friends are white men) but I'm honestly a little irritated and fed up with all the negative feedbacks of Latino men (considering thatI I'm one) coming from Latina women.

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  • Maybe you should just chill out and not generalize women of your own ethnic group, please.
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  • Maybe because all you Latino men are woman-beating thugs.
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  • That's true in your experience because you're looking for that behavior.

    I don't notice it. What I DO notice is that less educated individuals with lower IQs tend to reach for the low hanging fruit and conflate every issue and grievance with race, which is absolutely RETARRRDED. And annoying.

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