Girls, do you fidget a lot / show lots of leg / play with your hair / face your legs to guys you're uninterested in?

I think I misinterpreted the signs as now I have no idea what signs even are.

This girl gave me everything, sat across from me - short skirts and would literally tilt herself to point her legs towards me - would move her chair so that she faced me when the board was the other direction, Id get full leg view well beyond what anyone else could see, she would look at me often and play with her hair, literally entire class she'd be throwing her hair down and throwing it back then looking over at me.

it felt so intentional because whenever I'd look over, I'd see her looking at me.

I asked her out and she told me she had a boyfriend. Thats when I was like. U wot even mate?

So my question is...

what. Do girls just fidget and look at guys like that just because? Did I just entirely misread all of those signs? What the hell ARE some actual queues of interest? Are some girls just nuts and fidget like no tomorrow? what the hell are queues even?

more answers ;]


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  • Even if she lied about the boyfriend thing there's a reason why you got rejected, meaning no interest, or partial interest which is, unfortunately, still worthless.

    • I can respect that -- now im just curious about whether I read all the cues wrong or if girls just fidget randomly for no reason, or what

    • Yeah, so that girl can have tremors (i'm a boy and I sometimes have that but I don;t know if girls do) that makes me shake awkwardly beyond my control, but even if she is doing it because she wants to, I don't take that as a sign of interest. But for the "cues" with her leg, and eyes, yes that could be interpreted as a sign of interest. She may very well like you, and of course I just don't know. But, she could also be intentionally or unintentionally leading you on. Also, I just want to say that fidgeting can be a bad habit someone gets in their life, some people I know do that.