Am I really that horrible boring or annyoing and thats why I can't get a date?

I usually dont take these kind of things personally.. before I did, a lot.. but now i have stoped taking things so extremly serious.

I want to date and since i didn't really meet interested or interesting people irl i decided to join a dating app. But the sucsses rate is extremly low.. i have met one nice guy.. other than that; nothing.

Is it me? am i really that horrible boring or uninteresting that i can't even get a date with a decent guy? I know its not the looks, they wouldn't have message me if i was ugly. These are the reasons i dont get a date:

- I dont find them interesting
- They stop messaging me
- they will say yes to a date, but will cancle
- They delet their account
- they only want hook up

To be honest i didn't expect a lot of great guy, but surely I should be able to get a date more than once every 6-12 months? Im give full answers and ask questions back and I belive I have reasonable standars too.

What can I do? i would love to meet someone in person, but i just seem to only exclusivly meet guys i have no interest in, and the few times i actually meet a cute guy he doesn't show interest beyond normal behaviore when you just meet someone.



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  • So you only meet guys you have no interest in? Sounds like your expectations are messed up.

    You better come over and have sex with me and we'll get you straightened out.

    • I dont have sex with people im not in a relationship with, sorry dude

    • And for the most part yes, I do meet cute guys, but I dont get to know them well enough ti be interested in them

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