How to get over a guy that played you?

So me and this guy talked and we liked each other but then he stopped talking to me and this happened a few times where he would talking to me months later then stop talking to me... etc. now wE started talking again and well he said he wants things to be like before. He even said he liked me w lot and that he's falling for me and that I'm amazing... etc but obviously all those are LIES because now he's complete ignoring me and I'm guessing it's because he found another girl.
And he said he liked me a lot and stuff and that he would wanna date some day. But this past few days he's been ignoring me, I try to message me but he only replies back one word answers or sometimes doesn't reply back at all. I know I shouldn't have talked to him again but I just really liked him a lot and I thought he did too since he said so. What does this mean when he does this? And what should I do?


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  • I'm sorry if my answer is really blunt but he doesn't like you, this is a common behavior. I am sorry :/

    • It's okay, that's what I thought too, I just wanted to make sure but I'll just ignore him from now on even if he messages me later?

    • That's up to you, but I know he is only seeking attention From you when no one else will give him any

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  • "And he said he liked me a lot and stuff and that he would wanna date some day"


    Wrong words to say. Move on with your life


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  • He's playing you hot and cold potentially just coming back and fourth because he can't make up his mind whether he wants to ruin what you have or go even further. Probably his own self psyching himself out. I honestly just think you should tell him you like him and if he wants to progress forward then do it-

    • I did tell him I liked him too but what happened was he started talking to me less and then eventually he just stopped replying. So should I Ignore him the next time he messages me? Because I know he probably will a few months later

    • I do think you should and if he asks why, tell him exactly why- what he's doing wrong.