Does she care about me?

When we talk she talks normally, jokes and we usually end up chatting all day but there is always something missing, she never starts a conversation except rarely and can't hold up a conversation for that much on her own; she's giving me a vibe of her having mixed feelings towards me and I'm not sure if I should stay or just reconsider and be just friends.

I've already told her how I feel towards her and she didn't really expect it, it has been months now, I've just asked her out and she said yes!! I am however not sure if she is considering me or not, I've asked her before about it and she said she still doesn't know me that much. It has been a while, to say the least, since we've known each other.


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  • If you have to ask, the answer is probably no. Sorry, fren, she's just not that in to you.

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