How do you proceed with a shy girl who's giving mixed signals?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Face her! ASK her out.

    • Or this -- I might have misread "pursuit" and thought they were already dating.

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    • I just looked away when she was looking at me but then she came to stand next to me and said a joke to me. She'll do this kind of thing whenever I try to move on by just ignoring her presence.

    • Look you either move on or you sit here and waste time on someone who playing game. You decide! Peace xoxo

What Guys Said 1

  • The very nature of shy people is to inadvertently give mixed signals, since they'll have an internal conflict just being able to do anything social.

    It requires tremendous patience to deal with trying to court shy people.

    So I say keep pursuing until the signals become pretty clear one way or the other if you liked her enough in the first place to begin the pursuit.

    • I think I misread the question thinking proceed, pursuit, etc. was already in a dating context. Dated an extremely shy girl who worked at a flower shop long ago for weeks, no sparks happening. I couldn't figure out if she even liked me at all, even as a friend. Then finally I caught her looking up whether how well my star sign is compatible with hers in marriage on the computer, which gave me a bit of a clue, but also made me really creeped out.