Does he like me?

Okay, I like this guy. I started college and I only see him twice a week. I have him for chinese class and I glance at him every now and then NOT stare just glance at. I was in class and I had this feeling that someone was staring at me and from the corner of my eye I could see him faceing my way. I looked and he was looking directly at me. He truned away as soon as we made eye contact. I have noticed that he stares at me. When I'm in the hall my friend thinks he likes me. I don't know if he does or not. I think he is cute though, nerdy cute. I want to talk to him, but I'm shy and have never had a boyfriend. He seems super shy too though. How do I go about talking to Him? How do I even tell if he DOSE like me?


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  • So sometimes guys like me look at you if we notice you look at us. That can mean two things, either we like you back and notice you or we think you like us and we're creeped out. I suggest going to ask him for help in your studies for chinese, if he accepts that one step closer to seeing if he likes you. While he helps you out if he does, try touching his hair and see his reaction. Guys that like you will be acting the way they usual do or happier if they like you and you do this.


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