Meeting my love for the first time?

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 and a half months. I love him strongly and he tells me he loves me everyday. He says the sweetest things and says he's in love. We live in two different states though. Him in Illinois and I, in Wisconsin. We went to the same school back in illinois before i moved but we never ever noticed eachother. Next Saturday will be our first time hanging out. I am super nervous. What if im uglier in person? What if he doesn't like me? And meeting a guy and being alone with him i cam be really shy and timid. Any pointers? Has anyone gone through this before? Any help? Please. 🙏


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  • It cliche be who you are and have fun. Plus, you shouldn't even think he's your love if you're meeting him for the 'first' time, so you don;t have anything to lose. Chances are, he's feeling th same way; and it might seem cute to him if you just tell him the truth.


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