My First Time Please Help?

So i wanna ask this girl out but i have no money do i really have to take her somewhere. Also im 16 in highschool and she also likes me a lot.


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  • Ask her to hang out at the mall or something, it doesn't have to be somewhere fancy or expensive.


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  • LOL if you ask someone out yeah you need money because its implied don't worry I'm a few steps behind you you're not going to die.

    • oh shit well can i ask her to be my girlfriend

    • Yeah One of my friends did that to the girl I have my eyes on right now, make sure she ready to commit tho their relationship lasted two weeks lol. I like to ask girls I want for help in like math or something and then the tutoring session ends up being this fun talk and no $ involved.

    • by the way I'm not saying that your relationship will last two weeks.

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