How does one approach a girl they like?

I'm a pretty shy and awkward guy (when it comes to talking with girls), and i'd like to be able to interact with the girl i like... so what do i do? :/

PS - It's at school.


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  • find her before or after school, or maybe after a class you have with her and ask her if she'd like to do something with you. or ask for her phone number. or tell her you like her. or whatever you want to say. but be gentle, leave it open for her to say yes or no so you don't seem pushy, smile.


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  • I just go and talk to the girls I like, if talking to them makes me feel happy, if we have things to talk about, then I just make sure they know that I want them to be mine. (in a polite and civilized way)

    When I was at school, I asked the girls I liked to come with me and tell them that I'd like to be more than friends. Or waaay back, I would send letters with (probably some really bad) poems or other quirky stuff.


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  • Could try a 2 step approach.

    Start with a neutral statment/question.
    Wait a literal second
    Apply a positive statement.

    So, for example
    "can I borrow a pen?"
    Small pause
    "Nice boots"

    This a calm way to gauge the interest from the girl in question, as well as break the talking barrier.

    Other ways too which are arguably better, but I'll let other users say it as I am both naive and lazy

  • I'm just straight forward and tell her right off the bat that I think she's attractive.

  • Just go for it otherwise a girl won't like you by the way, I do what comes up on my mind like how'd you do on your math test or are you done with that essay for English yet? It's better to go to non academic subjects as well like what time did you sleep at, how long do you sleep everyday etc.

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