This is the deepest crush I have ever had. What do you think I should do?

This is the deepest and longest crush I have ever had. When I'm around him even as I think about him my whole body feels different like i crave to be around him but the thing is I rarely talk or get to be around him these days. My teacher rearranged seats for the new semester and now he is too far to talk to him. Me and him are both 15 and different races. We have English and Spanish together. I use to just sit right in front of him back in English and we would talk about the essays we wrote and he would talk about how he loves writing poetry and me how I love attempting to write a book. He's a great writer by the way. A thousand times better than me. He's smart and not to sound thirsty sexy ass hell and in Spanish my usual friend who helps me out in class was gone so he sat next to me and tried to help me out in it since he is a Spanish native. I was happy as hell that day he was all like how do you feel I was like on the inside Freaking great because I'm talking to you on the outside good. He has a beautiful voice like every time in class when the teacher calls on him I literally take off my head phones just to hear and hang off of his every word. Here's the problem since the teacher moved me so far from him it will now now be awkward to try to talk to him since he is so far. Like I can't go up to him from the other side of the room and randomly be all like. Show me that poetry of yours sweet cheeks. It would make it super obvious that I like him. I mean I might already be obvious because we have had a few awkward moments like I asked how do u say bye in Spanish and he taught me then I said by in Spanish quickly walked away then I looked back to see that we were walking the same way. My question is world What do you think I should do? What do you think of this situation in the first place? How in the hell do I talk to him again its been freaking weeks since we had a convo and I can not take it I need to do something right?


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  • Keep flirting, touch his arm, wink, etc.

    • He is too far to even try mabey on Monday I could be like hey my nigga Juan but no damn I can't do that then I would sound uneducated. Damn I pray he would never read this. He would know exactly who I am

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    • Yea YEA I could actually do the ask for help in Spanish thing. We have this project thing and I could ask him to help me edit it. Thanks man

    • Yeah i do that kind of stuff a lot too :) tell me how it goes.

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  • "I was happy as hell that day he was all like how do you feel I was like on the inside Freaking great because I'm talking to you on the outside good."

    Lol... wasn't sure whether you were super excited sharing a story that this part was a bit confusing or a sexual innuendo. Story was cute though.

    You should drop hints that you like this guy because it doesn't appear this guy is interested in you or sees you in that similar manner. He probably just sees you as an acquaintance or just a classmate. You barely talk to the guy about other things and mainly talk about English and Spanish subjects. Start by making the first move to develop the crush into what can be better and find out what he's into. Get to know him better.

    "Hey, can we hang out and have lunch together at the cafeteria later? You seem like a pretty cool guy and I want to get to know you a little better. I totally get it if you don't want to." This approach is harmless and safe, but the message has a subtle hint that you're interested if he picks that queue up or that you want to be friends and hang out. Just in case he tells you that he has a girlfriend, just tell him, "Dude, I am not asking you out, I just want to hang out with you, as friends. If you don't seem like it's a good idea then I'm cool with it." This may hurt knowing he has a girlfriend, but keeps your feelings in check.

    Just remember if he does have a girlfriend, keep your distance for awhile, so the fondness will die down.

    • Totally wasn't a innuendo. I didn't even realize it sounded like that lol. O gosh I didn't even realize that possibility. Well ok I guess IMA do that help on the Spanish project thing and attempt to flirt. I just don't want to seem creepy you know. I rather just be friend with the guy then to be creepy

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  • Well you could go up and ask about a peice of H/w?

    • We never get homework 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Oh um have a get together. You could invite a few friends over. Some other guys too so he doesn't feel awkward and just chat to him then, or go out bowling or to the movies

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