My boyfriend told me it takes him up to a year to consider dating a relation and 4 years to be in love?

He is older than me and he might be my first serious boyfriend. I am 6 years younger than him, I know he been through a lot with females. How can cleanse his heart for past bad experiences he had with women?


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  • You cant. His heart is stained. The only thing that you can do is show him a fun time and hopefully he'll forget about the past as he shouldnt live it. Try to top what all of the other girls couldn't and that would be everlasting happiness. That's impossible but just show how fun, and caring you can be and he'll fall faster than4 years.

  • nah I don't think he has any problem w girls... he's just being real about it... what do you expect? you being loved after 1 month relationship? Unlikely.. .unless you are datng some random liar..

    Loving somebody takes a while... it's not something you can aquire in a short period of time...


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