Guy I'm dating sleeping over?

I'm 18 and have been dating a very sweet guy for almost a month now. We met towards the end of winter break and went on 4 dates, but now we're both back at school 2 1/2 hours from each other. He's coming to visit next weekend and I didn't want to make him drive that distance just for a day so I said he could stay with me. Now he was my first date and kiss and that's all we've done. I'm no where near ready to go further in that arena, which he knows. Im pretty anxious when it comes to intimacy of any kind, but specifically physical. Probably because it's completely new to me. We've talked about it and He's been very understanding, thankfully. We hung out at his place once and watched a movie and cuddled. He didn't try anything else. So, when he comes would it be wrong to sleep in the same bed? Should I let him sleep in mine and take my friends or use a blow up bed? I don't want to lead him on in any way, but I wouldn't mind cuddling and falling asleep next to him. Although I don't know how comfortable it will be as I'm in a dorm with a twin bed. I just don't know what is appropriate in this situation as I'm completely new to it all. Any advice helps, thank you.


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  • You are 18. Just have sex and get it over with. It won't be any good because you don't know what you are doing and it will probably hurt, but once you get over the obstacle, then you can relax and have a normal relationship.


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