Sad over relationships?

Everyone is so hooked with Valentines day and building with there partner or someone they like. All my friends are soon to be taken or taken. They continually talk about it and it bothers me. I'm so far is the only person who hasn't looked for a special someone, I could care less. But deep down I feel lonley and unwanted. Can someone give me advice or help as to why i might be feeling this?


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  • It's normal to feel like that, especially when you're younger. Even though I've had four gfs, I've only had a girlfriend during Valentine's day twice and the last time was almost 3 years ago. So now I'm pretty used to being single on v day. Like you, this year I'm literally the only single person I know. So imma do what I normally do on that day. Workout (go to work if I'm scheduled) , do chores or run errands, then come home and watch movies and go to sleep early. Just do something u enjoy and treat it like another day. Just keep yourself busy.

    • Will do! I guess it's just me getting overwhelmed with everyone bragging or speaking about their relationships. Thank you for the advice!

    • Ya it definitely sucks seeing Valentine's day stuff all over tv, social media, work and school. Just do your best to ignore it. It'll be over sooner or later lol.

  • Oh shit cool valentines day is coming up. Ill hire a hooker.


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