There is a woman I like who is 44 I am 54 she said she would like a guy to be closer to her age But we can still be friends what can I do?


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  • Get an even younger or better woman and make sure the 44 year old knows it. I did something like that...

    In 1990, I was interested in two different women who were friends but we all had mutual friends. Well, I met another girl who was a righteous goddess - better than either of those other two. We all went into a bar/restaurant for a going away party for a friend of ours. When those two women, saw the girl I brought (who became my girlfriend that night), they kept looking my way in disbelief. The look was priceless. It wasn't revenge, per se, but it was an example of the best revenge being to live well.

    So, live well and get an even better woman that that 44 year old!