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There is this one girl I met at my university months ago. We both go to the music center to practice every now an then, and that's how I met her. I'm a senior and she is a freshman, but I really like her. The problem is that she doesn't seem interested in making any friends. I'm the only she's friends with at the university. Anyways, even though she has begun to open up to me, we still haven't hung out at all. She keeps telling me that she is busy on weekends. I stupidly cancelled one time we were supposed to hang out because I thought that it would rain, but it ended up being sunny, and I missed my chance. She never texts me unless I text her. It seems like she doesn't want to make friends here because she has friends from home. She's always talking to them on Facebook. Anyways, there was this one day when I ran into her in the dining hall. I asked if she wanted to sit together and she told me that she was meeting a friend there. Her tone was very rude and rushed, as if she didn't want to talk to me. She told me that she was going to go home next weekend, but we could hang out after that. She acts very excited and giddy when we see each other in the music center, but she acted differently when we saw each other in the dining hall. Even worse, I think she lied to me. When I sat down, I saw her on the other side of the dining hall, she was sitting alone. Even worse, the week after, she didn't go to the music center at all. She goes at least once a week, but she didn't show that entire week. What should I do about this? I want to talk to her about and ask her what's going on.

Help, please?


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  • Do u want her to be your girlfriend or just a normal friend or do u just want to know what's wrong with her?

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