Guys, is he not interested in me?

After 1st meeting, he wrote me in a day, asking how my day. I answered and asked how his, he answered and then he asked if i am free next week...
I said, that i am free... but my message at whats up was delivered to him, but didn't read, even though he was online many times...

So, why he didn't read and reply?


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  • If it was a short message, he probably read it in the popup, or in the chat view. And since he doesn't know what to say/didnt expect that answer or is just afraid to ask. He didn't open, so you wouldn't see he saw it.

    Does it make sense?

    • What u mean didn't expect this answer?
      He asked if i am free, i said yes i am free...
      But, he didn't answer

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    • No, whats the point

    • The point is having your conscience clean that you asked abd did the right thing.
      He's probably just thinking about what to do when he indeed asks you out. Where to go, when, will he offer you smth.. stuff like that

      If I turn out to be wrong, I apologize in advance for giving you false expectations

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