Should I add him on facebook?

I was wondering if I should add this guy I really like on facebook, he is a coach of the gymnastic club on college, I started going to this class just this month and today was the last class, but the problem here is that when I applied to the class I did with the name of my sister because I'm not a student of that university so it's more expensive for me, and now I want to add him but I don't want to look like some fake girl or like a liar, and I don't even have a clue if he likes me back, but the coaches aren't the type to go to the students and start talking with them but on te final of one class I was sitting with one of my friends and he came to us and started talking of random things and today, all the class went out to eat after practice and he sat next to me and in that kind of moments I freak out because I don't want them to find out about my lie and I feel terrible so I can't speak freely with him and I feel like I lost a big opportunity just because of being stingy, and now I just want to laugh and cry, any recommendation? lol


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  • Sure , it'll probably get you closer to him , you can message him on facebook , then talk to him in person


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