Should I tell him that I am seeing another guy?

So im seeing S and B (initials) at the same time. I didn't tell them that I am seeing other guys.

I like S better than B. S told me that im the only one he is seeing. I had an argument with S few days back and I feel that things won't work anymore cause he called it quits and just said we can be friends but we still want to see each other. Im a bit pissed now because after that argument he changed. Since I dont think things will work out is it okay to tell S the truth that I have been seeing another guy? If we didn't had the argument, i could have told him im not interested in seeing someone else than him.

S is a Taurus and I know one because of my brother and he called it quits already..


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  • There's no need to reveal that you've been seeing another guy especially if you two had a argument. That would seem like you trying to make him jealous and I can't see how that will go off well. Rather just keep this private.

    • Thanks! My point is, if S knew about that, would he make an effort or finally end it. A bit of gamble.

    • It's not worth the risk. He could likely get very very angry and see right through your plans. Guys don't like knowing you are seeing other people. It can make them jealous and you don't want to do that..

    • And thinks that Im a slut or what right. Hmmm im pissed because S seems started to talk with other girls 😒 I know I dont have the right because I myself is seeing another guy but it stings 😑

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  • I don't understand why it wouldn't be okay to tell S that you're seeing B.

    Do you like B much or were you dating him mostly because you didn't want to be alone if you and S didn't work out?

    • Yes. I pretty much kept B in the loop in case it won't work with S. But at the moment I dont feel like dating anyone. Maybe I should do that "disappearing act"

    • I would question how much you like him or if you really just don't want to be alone.

  • So you're seeing BS altogether huh? You should definitely tell Bull that you like Shit better. All jokes aside, yeah you should, so that the other guy doesn't waste any more time with you since you already made up your mind about liking S better

  • What are you a master juggler or something? S is out, see what's B's story.

    • I see. But I dont like B as much as S. I feel like i'll lose both with my mood now 😑

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    • S and I argued because I overreacted with something and tried to walk out - which he got really angry and he was hurt. We both said sorry but bec of that he thinks we are not fit as a couple but he still wants us to remain friends (go out for a movie and stuff) he even said it will be easier for me to find a guy but despite of saying that why did he cuddle and kiss me after that. He even said last night he wants to see me but now he's talking with other girls 😑

    • IT doesn't matter anymore, S is out of the picture. He's his own man, he's got his own life, why do you need to know everything?

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