What does it mean when she says she isn't ready fo r a relationship?

I've been going out with a girl for this past year. Her dad doesn't allow anyone to see her even friends. Her dad said she'd allow her to date when prom comes around. The other day she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship because it stresses her out that she can never see me. We agreed Wed get back together in April. I mentioned the idea of an open relationship until April but she said no because that only complicates things. We agreed we could both fuck other people but we can't go on dates with others. She also said she loves me and that were still going to fuck and treat each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. I feel like I should trust her but I just want to make sure this doesn't sound fishy to y'all. If your wondering how she'd be able to fuck other guys... It would be in their car after school. We still text each other like 50:times a day! Her dad would beat her if she snuck out!!!

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  • You should focus your attentions elsewhere


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