What are the best signs of a good first date?


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  • Not on her phone, actually making conversation and not just answering your questions,

    playing with hair, touching you, laughing/ smiling, saying she had a really good time, lingering for a hug or kiss at the end, not cutting the date short or talking about time / saying she really has to be somewhere, texts you after or is eager to set a 2nd date.

    I mean, its generally really obvious once you know the signs lol

    • did all of the apart from the touch part although we hugged at the end instead of first date and said in text deffo will be good to a 2nd date!

      But now i ain't heard back from her in a few days!

    • How'd your last message go?

      she could be busy but it depends on context ( especially if she has school and work )

    • she did say sorry twice that she has been busy at work but i have caught her with a new dating profile which could be fake or not!

  • mutual interest , both having a good time , not in a rush to leave , provide ways to communicate post date ,