Does this mean he's gone for good? Should I take this as a loss?

So I recently went on a first date with a guy that turned into a road trip. We got along really well (or so I thought). I have massive anxiety and was worrying about that for a lot of the trip but he kept trying to make me laugh, which I loved. At the end if the date he just hugged me a while and wished me well.

Five days go by. I was so scared of texting him back even though I really like him. He lives in his van and is kind of a vagabond gypsy which is kind of important to understanding this whole situation. I finally texted him letting him know how much fun I had and how wonderful of a time I had, etc.

He texts me back saying he is glad i had fun and that I should tell people about our trip and that he would be in touch. Nothing else. I feel like I just got punched in the stomach. I don't understand how I can literally have my life changed by a trip and he's nonchalant about it.

Could he be scared of his feelings? Is he friend zoning me? Should I expect to never hear from him again? I'm so confused and sad right now.


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  • The fact that he lives in his van and had a vagabond lifestyle should say it all, he doesn't sound like the committed type and probably isn't looking for a serious relationship


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  • I can't be sure. Maybe he's bad at communication, maybe he's really not interested in you romantically or maybe he doesn't think that you'd have a good life together because of his lifestyle. There can be many possibilities.


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