Im losing faith with finding the right guy for me?

I dont really know whats going on.

I met this guy from Tinder and now we are a bit off. I created another profile in Tinder and he matched with the fake profile.

I asked him some questions and he lied in some... Thats pretty disappointing but at least i know where i stand.

sigh... sorry, just want to vent out..


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  • The problem you are having... is using Tinder.

    There's no shortage of horny guys using datings apps to get laid.
    Good respectable men with high ambitions and a good reputation are not going to have their faces plastered all over a dating website or dating app that screams "I'm lonely and need to get laid".

    You're basically selecting men on Tinder based on their appearance and praying that he's got his shit together. It's the meeting point of newly single people and all the trashy people on the planet.


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  • Tinder of dating sites tend to suck. It's full of desperate people who either want to hook up for sex or waste someone's times. You will not find the one by looking. When you stop an focus on you an your goals you will find him or meet him in a normal setting. Get off these sites , they are a full of a pool of sharks waiting for bait. Guys on dating sites not usually talking to one person. An you get your hopes up an lose self esteem that's not good. Be patient an believe your time will come

    • Thank you dear 😞

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    • that was a good answer

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  • I feel the same about women

  • hear that? that was venting. =D

    wife material right here..


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  • Maybe Tinder is not the best place to find someone.

    • Tinder evolution. Prevents you from focusing on one person.. true for everyone. I hope to meet someone that i can consider the one.

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