If you turn a guy down and tell him you do not see him like that and he still messages you hi beautiful does he still think he has a chance?

Is he still trying to see if I change my mind.

Someone I was seeing for a little over a month until I told him I was unsure of relationships, then he was still trying and then I told him I did not see him like that only as a friend aka not attracted to him. Yet he still msgs me as often and says things like hi beautiful. Then I told him the complimnents after what I have told him makes me uncomfortable and I think we need some distance after deciding not to hang out with him a few times in a row.

He then says sorry he did not want to make me uncomfortable and then is still messaging me making small talk? What the fuck is his deal. I dont mind being friends with him at all but my brother advised me keep my distance so he could move on.

He said he respects my decision but says stuff like looking forward to hanging out with you? Does it seem like he is still trying?


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  • He is a meat head that still has you locked in a "girlfriend" category in his brain.

    • It is so frustrating cause I feel myself being mean and harsh and I do not want to be :(

    • Yes, I understand how you feel. Either be mean to him to get him to understand, avoid him, or get a boyfriend and then he should leave you alone.

    • lol yeah someone told me to block him from my phone. but i think he will slowly but surely get the hint. fingers crossed. if he doesn't i will definitely block him tho

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  • Yes some guys are cocky an will still try he probably thinks your playing hard to get 😂

    • This would be impossible to get! lol I have literally rejected him in every way possible, subtle and obvious :( It is so uncomfortable for me to keep saying no and I really hate rejecting someone

    • I know but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes men just don't get it

    • hmm you may be right :P thanks! I was feeling guilty for being cold and for all I know that is what he wants.

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