So, my crush likes me?

Hi! So, I am in the eighth grade (pretty young, I know) and there's this boy named Dominic. I don't want to be confusing, so we will start from the beginning. Dominic was in my English class last year, and was also in my elective class for nine weeks. We didn't talk in English, I don't know why. But in my elective class we always talked. I told him who I liked at the time, and I asked him who he liked and he REFUSED to tell me (I know why now lol). He also made fun of me liking my old crush. We became really good friends, but then the nine weeks were over and we switched electives. Again, we couldn't talk in English, maybe cause we sat far away from each other. Th school year ends, and summer rolls by. It's not like I don't have friends, but I just couldn't stop thinking about him (not in a I have a crush on you way yet). On the first day of school he was in my science class. We didn't talk, and still don't. I missed his friendship, and I began to realize I liked him. Sometimes I caught him looking at me or the other way around, but it was strange- he's outgoing, I figured he would say "hi" or something. Then I heard his friend say "Quit staring at (my name) and -----!" I wondered if I had misheard. Now, yesterday, I heard his other friend say "hey Dominic there's (my name)." I didn't look at him, but I heard him tell his friend to shut up. He likes me, and I like him and... Here's the twist! I live in north Carolina and he's moving to freaking Texas!!! What do I do, HELP!


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  • It's probably best if you speak to him about it… if you want a long distance relationship.