When you ignore her? When he ignores you?

I have really close to this guy and known him for 3 years. We are flirty buddies and really close close friends.

at least i thought so. He didn't pick up calls or answer texts for a week then he said that he has issues and being back to school and had a huge fight with his family. Then i said im here for you and never got a reply back since 2 days should i call again or text again? I dont want to seem 10% clingy and i actually think he is ignoring me because he claims he is never online but he is actually! Which is weird so i dont know whats wrong should i ask Or do guys like to not be bothered?

I have been really*


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  • Honestly? He sounds a little scummy. I had a friend like that a while back, we flirted and all that. He turned out to be a huge klepto/player and just generally not someone I would want to date... Still friends, though.