What should I get him for Valentines day?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a year now, and knowing him, he's going do something special for me and probably get me something really nice. I really want to get him something too, but I don't know what to get. For a girl you can just get flowers or chocolate or a large stuffed animal, but I feel like guys don't appreciate that stuff nearly as much as girls do. The two of us are going out to dinner and a movie, and the we're going to go back to his place and I'll blow him, and we'll have fun and stuff, but I want to actually give him something as a gift. Can anyone help me with ideas? And please don't say not to get him anything our that just spending time with him is enough, because I really want to actually give him something.


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  • I say make him something! I've done cards a few times, and I was thinking about putting together a small photo album of couple-pictures this year. That way it's something sweet, sentimental, and personal. It holds so much value.

    However, if you want to go the route of buying something... does your boyfriend wear any accessories like watches/bracelets/hats? I've gotten matching bracelets for me and my boyfriend, and I've made him two different friendship bracelets. I'm going to save up and get him a nice watch sometime.


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  • Give him a sea shell, and tell him it gives awesome music, when he tries to put his ear close to the shell, go up to his other ear and whisper "I love you".


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