When you set a date w a guy, when is the latest he should reach out before confirming details?

Met on Match.
Had a great date Thursday!
we kissed goodnight.
And, we set a date for Sunday @ the end of the date.
He emailed right afterwards w his phone #. I emailed back on Friday morning w my #.
He texted tonight before 8 to confirm plans for tomorrow.
Is it too late?


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  • No. It is not too late. If you want to date him, go with it.

    • Smart and true :-)

      Sometimes - when you're in it - it's hard to assess.


    • I agree, and you're welcome :)

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  • Who cares?

    Isn't that all boring, anyway?

    Wouldn't you rather be in bed with each other?


What Girls Said 2

  • Usually the day of! But usually I talk to them the day before too, I don't really think there's any rule besides the obvious of don't do it an hour ahead, because you're going to be just be wondering not to mention we need to get ready and get there etc.

    • Thanks for sharing. You make a great point! We need to get ready :-) Thanks again.

  • What do you mean is it too late? Unless it's the end of Sunday which it isn't, it's not too late. You already made arrangements x amount of days ahead, so what is the issue? you clearly want to go out with him, so just go and have fun.

    • True!
      Guess I was looking forward to hearing from him since I emailed my phone # early Friday am. And he texted tonight.
      Thanks :-))

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