Is this guy even slightly interested?

Crush never starts conversation, but always replies back super fast, even at work. (note, he is not a texter, or at least thats what he told me.) How can I tell if he doesn't start conversations?


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  • We won't... I won't im timid... And clumsy with my words... I love my crush to death... But I've never said more than 2 words to her... I don't want to ruin my chances


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  • Maybe he just doesn't like texting. I hate texting too. Its weird but it's something you havr to think about.

    • Yeah he has told me before that he hates it. Just hard to tell ya know?

  • Not sure tbh. I am in the same position. The guy I'm talking to is not a texter or doesn't even have social media. It's hard to tell. I always have to text first. It makes me wonder if I bother him.

    • I think you should stop trying to read into things so much and just assume that no news is good news. If he hasn't told you he doesn't like you, then there's no reason to think he doesn't

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    • @M_A_X thank you for all your advice. I really appreciate it.

    • You're welcome. I hope I helped.