What's the beast date to impress?

What's the beast date to impress ?

  • Food ( diner , coffee , pick nick, wine & cheese tasting )
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  • Music ( play together, go to a concert, watch the local bands at some bar )
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  • Video ( going to the movies, film festival, movies at home )
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  • Exercise ( biking , hiking, skating, walking )
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  • Experience ( them park, golf, paint ball, games )
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  • Other ( pleas explane )
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  • I don't care as long as I'm getting lade
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  • Depend on what you both like doing. There's no point in taking a girl who hates the outdoors hiking or a guy who hates animals to the zoo lol. Just do whatever you both enjoy.

    • i was looking to get a idea of what people on hear like the most , more then advise , but thanks :D

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