I caught feelings for my friend?

I was hanging out the other day with two of my friends the other day. I never thought I catch feelings for her. It was so weird though, she was smiling at something and it just popped into my head. I just sat there thinking wow she's beautiful. Unfortunately she will be moving in few months because she's graduating from college. I still have 2 more semesters. So that and I don't want to make things awkward between us. How can I get rid of these feelings? I didn't intend for this to happen.


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  • Honestly it's hard trying to lose feelings for someone, especially a friend, but it's easy to mix up feelings with infatuation. I've been in this situation before with my best friend and it was really hard because I'd always see him and hang out with him and we'd talk 24/7. anyways, I'm not sure if you considered telling her but that's a good way to go because you have a 50/50 chance on her liking you back. although, you want to skip the awkward tension. To be honest I think you should space things between you two if you don't want those feelings for her and maybe try to keep busy for a while to keep her off your mind. but also keep the consideration of telling her, because it could help you either way.

    • Thank you so much for your opinion

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