My boyfriend of one year lied to me on a call last night. should I be concerned?

my boyfriend of one year lied to me on a call last night. he was stammering and hessitant to answer me, it has never happened before its the first time in a year i heard him talk to me like that. it made me really sad. and this morning when i confronted him he said that im keeping track of things and its his life and called me a crazy bitch!
honestly we had a family dinner to attend and he left home sayng he was going to the gym... but everyone wanted him to come... i called him for 30 min he never answered when i asked his brother he said my boyfriend was on a call with his mum... so i was okay.. but he also said he's oly been on the call for 5 min... so i started to think y he never replied to me fore the past 30 minutes. when he finally answered i asked him why and he told me his phone was in the car and he just took it out... when i told him i know u were on a call with you mum he was silent for a while... he was guilty... i then asked him to come to the dinner if he is still at the apartment, then he says he is going to the gym @ 10... he never goes to the gym at 10 specially when the gym closes at 11..
I wasn't keeping track of anything i just know him too much to say that he never goes to the gym only for an hour. am i overreacting? should i be concerned?


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  • You should be concerned, your boyfriend lied to you..


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  • If it sounds fishy it's probably something going on, not necessarily cheating but perhaps something he could've potentially have been embarrassed about?

    • not really he is very open with me