I need help when it comes to girls, girls?

Hi everyone, I'm terrible when it comes to women (unless I'm drunk ) I have so much trouble approaching women , and get caught up and make a fool of myself , I'm very naturally shy and introventroveted but because I'm physically very big and muscular , 5,10 and 95 kg I come across as being extroverted. When I did a uni presentation my teacher couldn't believe how open and warm I was , the teacher stated I came across as being scary and good looking but was too scared to ask me anything , because I could look intermadating. ( it was a female teacher lol ). When I see females in the street all I wanna do is be like your beautiful I would love to take you out, but the girls seem so disinterested to talk to anyone. I'm not one of those creeps who just roots n boots I'm very down to earth and respectful but I have not even had a date :/ physically I'm not scared of getting into a confrontation with someone but just struggle with women :/ which is making me depressed. Help anyone? I need help when it comes to girls, girls?


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  • You look hot and cute

    • Thanks don't hear that too often , so it feels soothing hearing something like that :)

  • You need to go talk with a therapist about all this if it's seriously making you depressed.

    • I would like to, but it's quite expensive

    • Student health provides mental health services and mental health is covered by all insurances. You can also look around and find sliding scale clinics that will charge you based on your income.

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  • Well being shy and introverted isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's only when you don't open yourself to another person at the right moments when it becomes a turn off.

    When a girl is approached she may expect a little shyness, but confidence will be something that will make you a lot more attractive. It also makes her feel more comfortable around you since you feel comfortable around her. Women are emotional thinkers so they often feel what the other person is feeling. That's why when one of her close friends cries she will cry as well. So if you are confident and comfortable talking to her, she will follow your lead and feel the same way.

    Sure you might be trembling on the inside, but if you at least fake it you will be better off. Fake it till you make it as they say.

    You might think this is easier said than done and you are right. A lot of guys will get approach anxiety and try to be confident but miserably fail. That's because they think too much about it. They see the girl and then umm and ahh until maybe they finally approach and then end up being rejected. They took too long to approach and mentally put themselves up for failure. they thought of all the things that could go wrong and this lack of confidence oozes in their body language and non-verbal behaviour. Girls are very perceptive and can read you like a book. They saw the insecure guy and automatically felt turned off by that.

    To fix this, don't wait to approach a girl. make a habit of approaching within a couple of seconds of seeing her so there is no time to think and put yourself in a negative frame of mind. It's spontaneous and you will perform better. It also makes you look more confident since she saw that you didn't wait around like a loser and she notices that you are straightforward and know what you want. Hope this helps you out a little and good luck with the girls man.👍🏻

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