Am I in the friend zone?

I've been seeing this guy for about 4 weeks now. We've gone out for drinks and lunches and had sex once 2 weeks ago. After that, he invited me out with his friends and after a silly comment I made, he said, "We're past the dating stage. We can hangs with friends now".

During that time, his daughter was out of town. She's back now and since then, he's been busy with her, work, and had family and friends in town. He has just been too busy to spend time with me. However, he still texts me and asks me out to lunch. I've dropped hints and said things like "when are you going to see me?" and "text me when you figure your schedule out and have time for me". He doesn't answer the questions but rather asks about my day and what I'm doing.

What gives? Does he even like me?


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  • You're a booty call. You might want to move on.

    • How can it be considered a booty call if we're not even having sex?

    • Because he doesn't give a shit about you but wants to keep you waiting around in the wings.