Will I ever find a boyfriend?

I'm kind of scared that I'm going to die alone. I
tried all the dating apps and I try to get out at least once a weekend, but nothing's happening for me. I'm worried I'll never find love. What do you do to feel less hopeless?


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  • First find out what you are doing wrong and fix it and find out what guys are looking for. You also may appeal to a certain type of guy and haven't run into their kind of circles.

    So if you want a gym buff, go to a gym. If you only go out shopping in girls stores then you are probably not gonna run into a guy.

    Also friends can be very helpful. Ask your girl friends to set you up with a great guy. Also setting up a social circle with a guy friend can be helpful too. You might like his personality but he isn't boyfriend material. He still may have some hot friends which he could introduce you to.

    Also a majority of the dating apps are very successful and mainly for hookups.

  • I focus on having a damn good time with myself. Doing things I want to do. Look up somewhere I think might be a good place to eat and go try it or do some activity that sounds really fun! Basically just being comfortable being with myself

    • But you will find someone ❤️ Dating apps and such can take a while and definitely have to weed through all the ones looking for a quick lay

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