How to find a girl to date with me?

How to find girl fr dating hope there are girls as well who are looking fr guys... But my million dollar question is how to get them


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  • Well it all depends on the girl. Is she attracted to you in any way and are you "her type" girls have different types of guys she is into whether it be nerdy gamer or workout muscle junkie. If you need me to elaborate, give me more details in a reply please ☺️

  • Why do you want to date a girl is my first question to you, fellow gager.

    • Want to know why other date? Lol

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    • Ok, bye.

      I was trying to get at the fact that you're awesome and don't need a girl to date you because being in a relationship doesn't empower you.

      But then, the moment you said "Want to know why other date? Lol" just made me lose all respect for you and made me realize and jump to the conclusion that you're one of THOSE guys that just want sex.

      AND the fact that you just said "ur lunatic" lol made me lose the little respect I had left for you.

    • Ok I'm sorry if I hurt you.. I taught ur making fun of me... But it was nice getting reply from u :)

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