Why can't things just not be awkward?

I'm so confused. Me and this guy used to be best friends pretty much all three school. We got to high school and feelings for each other started for one another he's started then he told me about it and I realized I felt the same way but was trying to hide it was talked for the longest time all the time a then one day it just stopped we didn't talk to each other anymore but gave each other flirty looks but it was so awkward to be around him. I really like him but recently he texted me and told me he liked me and that he wanted me to go to this ball thing he has soon I said yes and he wanted a hug at school i seen him but we never hugged and I seen him the other day he didn't tell me a thing. I can't help but feeling a little confused what does this mean? Can someone please help me?

He he recently added me on snapchat where he's always posting things like I should have known better than to catch feelings and I know he's talking about me. Like I did something wrong. I just want him to tell me how he feels and not over the Internet actually to my face. What does this mean for boys to do this? Can someone please help me understand if you can I would greatly appreciate it. In advance thanks so much !!


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  • The only way you'll know is if you confront him.
    Don't play games with him. Just be up front and ask him what's going on. If he brushes you off or doesn't say anything of substance, tell him how you feel and what's going on in your head (because he might be too shy and not want to say it first).

    You just need to be honest with him and don't play along with his games. You should ask him if his status was about you and why he can't come talk to you about it rather than posting it on the internet for your friends to see.