A second chance at it?

So last year I liked a friend of mine, but he had a girlfriend. We both liked each other and knew it but even though I told him after he broke up with her, he never told me. I dated a guy for a couple of months and my friend stopped talking to me. This year he came back and told me that he had liked me last year, and that he had made a mistake by letting someone like me go. He said that he was thinking of tying it down with someone, and I was one of the possibilities. He likes me somewhat, and I like him. We decided that we would go on dates and see how that goes. Do you think this is a second chance at something that might have been but it was wrong timing at the time? Should I play it out and see how it goes?

Please give opinions!! Thanks.


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  • Just see how it goes and it could be something really special.


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