What do you do if you're dating a great guy and your ex decides to try and come back? How do you get rid of ex for good when he's clingy/desperate?

My ex is a self-centered douche who trrated me like shit and then cheated on me and left. I can never get him to go away for good. He's like a cockroach.

He has emailed me twice now within the past hour sounding desperate to "apologize" to me for everything he's done, but I know it's his way of trying to get back into my life. He's even added me on social media.

I've stood my ground and have ignored his pleas, but I know it won't stop there. Telling him to fuck off would be giving in and acknowledging his existence, but ignoring him will make him try harder. This guy is the type of guy who randomly shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night.

Any thoughts on how to address this issue?


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  • Is there a problem with acknowledging him by telling him to leave you alone in no uncertain terms? That may not work but ignoring him certainly won't work, at least not away.

    • I acknowledged him and told him to leave me alone among a few other words. He went on to spill dramatic novel length emails. I never responded 😊

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    • EXACTLY! It took me awhile to realize that everything he said, no matter how romantic it sounded, was all utter bullshit. Nothing but words. Why go and say something like "I have always loved you", and then turn around and cheat on me, and then, after I let him back into my life, he turned around and did it again. Everything he said was nothing but words, because someone who deeply loves someone would never cheat. They would at least break it off with them first.

    • That is completely true. He is a liar as well as a cheat.

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