How do I meet new people to start dating?

I have not had a boyfriend before and struggle to meet new people. I would really like to start dating but having being home schooled all my life and now working full time for a property developer, I've not had the opportunities most people have to meet people my age. I'm not sure where to go and how to show my interest in someone. I am 19, nearly 20, and live in Surrey near London. The few friends I have either live far away now or are in relationships so I don't really have anyone to go out to bars with. What kind of things can I do/ where should I go to meet people to start dating as I really don't have a clue where to start. Thanks.


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  • Social activities or clubs like dance or gym or something you are interested.

    Just out and about and flirt with the guy at the coffee shop or grocery store.

    There are dating apps but I dont know how successful they are.

    Try and make friends that can go out with you to social events like parties, nightclubs and bars. This is where single people look for others to date. And I heard London has great nightclubs.


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