Managing Long Distance while he is at uni?

I am in a relationship with this guy but without the label pretty much.
We are exclusive & have been seeing each other for about 6 months.
It started at uni but we are now 2 hours apart. We talk on the phone and by message everyday & I will get to see him every week for a few days.
Last week he told me he loved me.
He's going back to uni but I am not & he will be 3+ hours drive away.
He has reassured me that we will keep talking, that no one will take my place.
I'm so worried because I won't get to see him as much & I'm afraid he'll find a new girl. He leaves in 2 weeks & although I have voiced my concerns we haven't properly talked about what will happen & how it's going to work out?


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  • LDR is hard to maintain, but if both of you are willing to put the efforts and as much communication as possible, then it could work for sure


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