Is it normal for your friends with benefits and the guy you ask for guy advice as you fail in dating to be the same person?

Mostly just making sure my friends with benefits situation is normal. I originally asked him to be my friends with benefits. We aren't compatible with our lifestyles. He wants a lot more parties and luxury than I do. Other than that, we are very much alike. Same interests and playing style. He's sexy as hell but I honestly just laugh at him half the time because he is so fucking cocky and I know he hasn't figured half his shit out. He's about to go to law school. However, after I left college. . We've stayed in contact because he checks up on me and listens to me when I'm upset and need to vent for an hour or two. He was in my city for a wedding earlier this year and was the brides sisters date (I didn't know this.) So he called me asking to hook up and acted a lot weirder than he had before. Was begging me to go down on me and being really gentle. Then ditched the wedding and came to my house and just chilled with me all day.. but we haven't had sex since August but still talk a lot.. I intend to fuck him some more when I get a chance because he knows my style more than anyone else and I'm too fucking busy to teach anyone else how to please me. But is this normal for fwb?

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  • what else he want more? a good girl, good sex, no responsibility, no headache. no tan tan tan , that what men wants, this is man!


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