What does he really want?

So I'm still confused as to what this guy really wants - just sex or does he really like me? There are some things that prove he likes me and some things that make me think he just wants sex.
- We slept with each other the first time we met but this was after talking for about 3 hours and getting to know each other.
- he kisses me every time. When he greets me he kisses. He kisses me goodbye too.
- he texts me "how are you doing?" With no sexual intention in the texts.
- we've talked about serious things. Like family, struggles, issues, past relationships, etc. Actually got to know each other.
- We always have sex now when we see each other. He admitted he really enjoys it with me.
- he has bailed on my 2x now when we had plans.
- he still texts me back when I text him. Or sometimes he texts me to see how I am.
- he mentioned he liked me and would like to see where this goes.

So I don't know if he's just telling me what I want to hear to keep me coming back. Or if he really is interested in me.


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  • Sounds like a good guy to me. Did he explain why he bailed those 2 times?

    • The first time was his birthday. We had plans together but he said one of his co-workers invited him over for dinner. We had just started seeing each other and he hasn't told anyone about me because he keeps his life private at work. Instead of bailing though he saw me right after dinner because he said he did want to meet me.

      The second time was after the end of a tough week for him. He had a lot of problems that week and was just drained and not in the mood to do anything.

      Does it seem legit or just excuses?

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    • If you still haven't heard back that might not be good..

    • I'm going to give him some space and if he doesn't text me back right away then I know what this was.

      But what I'm mostly thrown off by was that he really wanted to kiss me as I left. In my experience for hooks ups you don't kiss goodbye or hello. You just leave and its all good. So I don't know. Maybe he was sincere but I turned my girl-ish and he changed.

      I want to know how guys really feel when the girl crazy comes out? Haha

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