Guy says he wants to take me out again?

Guy says he wants to take me on a date again. Dies that really mean he wants to take me out again? Then why haven't I heard from him?

I realized there was a grammar problem in my question what I meant to say was "Does he really want to take me out again? Or was he just saying it?"


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  • Did you tell him you would like that?

    He may have precieved an imaginary "no thank you"

    Or he has personal business to deal with first

    Or he found someone he is more compatable with

    • I said okay, yeah! Thank you! And smiled. And I texted him the day after and told him I had a great time. and he said yeah! It was cool! What the heck does that mean.

    • If you are feeling confused, ask him "wanna do anything this weekend"

      If he is vague in answer move on

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  • Maybe he's busy.


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