What is she doing to me?

So this girl and i have been dating for almost a week and a half now, we've had such a good time together, and have gone out together 2,3 times. we've been constantly texting and talking to each other while gaining each other's trust by telling about our past and whats happen to us, its almost like i can trust her with open arms completely.
--- Both of us are in college, i'm a junior, she's a soph.

this past Saturday, she went to go see her friends at her old school and we didn't text at all because i knew she was having a fun time. before she left she told me she was going to be back Saturday night so i texted her early in the day yesterday, asking her to let me know when she got back - she never did...

this morning because i care, i sent her a message, hoping she got back last night safe and haven't heard from her since.

i know time is a big factor so i should just wait, but am i doing the right thing? or is she slowly trying to give me a message saying we dont want to talk anymore?


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  • I think it's early days to tell as you're only getting to know each other. I would say that maybe leave it a couple of days. And see what happens.

    • you mean "dating" wise?

    • Yes so give her space to breathe a little. But not too much space as she might think you don't like her. Text her again in a couple of days asking if she wants to go to dinner or whatever and if she replies then great. If she blanks you again then personally, I would leave it as women tend to be bitches in the dating game.

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