I think I'm starting to fall for one of my closest friends.. Both of us just came out of a relationship too... What should I do?

I don't know if she has any interests in return but the other day we hung out during the day and we live in dorms and I stayed at her room for quite some time just hanging out and she got dressed comfortable and we sat in the dark listing to music... We sat close to each other and shared countless stories. I didn't lean in for a kiss because I was to afraid to risk our friendship.. How can I know for sure if she's interested but without Risking our friendship?


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  • WAIT.

    Rebounds never work. You both are hurting, vulnerable, desiring a resuming of the love you felt with your exes. You are easy prey for one another...

    But do not do this. You will not only lose her as a lover, you will also lose her as a friend- forever.

    Wait. Your feelings will steady out.

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